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Fly fishing for Peacock Bass is maybe the most fun you can have with a fly rod in your hand!  Peacock Bass are some of the most beautiful, aggressive, and hard fighting fish you can catch on a fly rod. Fishing for Peacock Bass on the stunning Amazon River system within the world’s largest rain forest only adds to the magic of this trip.  This is why this trip is on many angler’s “Bucket List”.


Imagine sneaking along a small riverbank in the Amazon Jungle in a shallow running boat. The only noise breaking up the natural sounds of the jungle are that of a fly line running through the guides of a fly rod.  Suddenly, along the bank there is an explosion on the water and bait fish scatter everywhere.  A large streamer hits the water near the bank and as it starts to move just under the surface.  Another explosion occurs,  this time a fly line comes tight and the tug-of-war between a huge aggressive Peacock Bass and a weekend fly angler begins.

For anyone who has been on one of these trips, it’s what makes them want to go back.  For those anglers who have never had this opportunity, it is hard to believe!

Rob Anderson of BucketList Fly Fishing spends hundreds of hours a year researching the Amazon and it’s tributaries to offer the best Peacock Bass Fly Fishing trips for 15 years.  We continue to provide what our clients refer to as their ‘trip-of-a-lifetime’.  Many anglers have even given up some of their other fishing trips around the world to experience this trip year after year.  We help anglers from all over the world make this one of the easiest trips to plan and execute – add that to the unbelievable experience of the trip and it quickly becomes a trip they never forget!

Our fly fishing website is a complete resource for anglers interested in fishing for Peacock Bass.  You’ll find a wealth of information… everything from how to plan a trip to the gear to take with you and what to expect once you get there.  Our goal is to help prepare for your Peacock Bass “Bucket List” trip.  Check it out and feel free to contact us to ask questions and learn more.

Peacock Bass may be the most exciting fresh water fish to chase with a fly rod. Not only are they one of the most beautiful but they are aggressive, love to eat top water flies and they fight like a bulldog.  They can be found in both North and South America, but the Amazon Jungle is their home. These fish were built for battle and will attack a fly with reckless abandon.

Reducer fly

The Amazon region is a beautiful place to cast a fly line. 15 years of experience chasing these amazing fish and our knowledge of where and when to go helps make this trip one you will remember for a lifetime and want to go back year after year.  It can also be very demanding and even frustrating for anglers who do not have the proper gear. On the flip side, anglers who do their homework and plan properly have only great memories of their time spent fishing for one of fly fishing’s seven wonders, The Peacock Bass.

Our website is filled with information to help any angler better understand the ins and outs of fly fishing for these aggressive, giant fish. Our years of experience chasing Peacocks have enabled us to put together detailed information for you to use on your next Peacock Bass Fly Fishing trip.

Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass is “the most fun you can have with a fly rod in your hand” Evan F.